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gimmickcityIt’s definitely and undeniably more fun in the Philippines. How can you go wrong with a country known for its warm welcomes, cheerful festivities and jaw-dropping natural wonders? There is so much to see in this side of Southeast Asia and we’re dedicated to help open your eyes to such a beauty.

Composed of more than 7,107 islands, the Philippines is an archipelago that provides you a whole range of experience—be it on the mountains, the beaches or the farms. There would surely be an adventure waiting for you.

We’ve been to the Philippines countless times already and we’re still coming back for more. You will never get enough of its beauty and uniqueness. Here you’ll find everything that you thought you’ll never see in your lifetime. There is indeed so much to see and experience in the Philippines. What we want to share with you is ours and our friends’ own experiences and journey in this lovely country. The information that we provide here are based on our own travels in the Philippines. As they say, it’s better to get tips from someone who has indeed travel than someone who is just faking the experience.

If you want anything about the Philippines you’d like us to feature, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to share our own take on the matter. Otherwise, bask in the sun, fill up your stomach with gastronomic delights, and enjoy the warmth of the Philippines. Thanks for visiting our website, please don’t forget to check our sponsor Infinity Web Design

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