Accommodation in Bali With Breathtaking Views Offer Great Value for Your Money

Posted by Megan on May 11, 2016
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Vacationers in Bali are now mostly families and group of friends who love enjoying good times while exploring tourists’ attractions across Bali. With the booming tourism in Bali, accommodation in the island particularly accommodation in Seminyak is getting bolder in their approach of attracting guests and now offering accommodation not only with good facilities and amenities  but also breathtaking views. The best offer comes in its best price.

i-love-being-there-1233408-640x471Accommodation in Bali isn’t just complying with the requirements and demands of guests as a place to stay while enjoying the island. Known for its unique structure, a typical Balinese house uses wood, bamboo and mud, and in offering great accommodation, Bali Villas enclosed in a  small tropical garden are typical types of Seminyak Villas in some Seminyak resorts and spa with accommodation. Besides having a private pool for each villa accommodation in Seminyak, the one-bedroom is adorned with tropical plants and Balinese culture such as wood carvings, beautiful layouts of Balinese Batik and natural stones for pathways. The environment is close to enjoying tropical paradise.

Hotel accommodation in Seminyak oftentimes recreates a small Balinese community with famous Bali Villas with one bedroom complete with Batik prints canopy or white silk layouts, private pool, and amenities like in-house spa and massage. But the real attraction is the nearby exclusive beach resorts offering the beautiful ocean views. One bedroom unit usually has a peak season surcharge of $50 that  includes airport transfer, welcome drink upon arrival, daily buffet breakfast ad free shuttle to beach Club. Free booking is included.

Hotels in Canggu have the usual 5-star to 2-star hotels. However, hotel accommodation in Canggu attracts guests because of its beautiful interiors. One famous hotel is flocked by guests because of its themed murals depicting Balinese arts and culture. But the most exciting part is hotels’ proximity to the beach that allows the opportunity to gaze the breathtaking views of the beach especially during night time when the sky is bright with stars. Watching and experiencing beautiful sunrise and sunset is an added value for time and money. Hotel accommodation in Uluwantu gives stiff competition with Uluwantu’s Balangan Beach and majestic cliffs are best viewed from Uluwantu bungalow type or Villas with appointed one-bedroom unit.

Accommodation in Bali are racing each other in attracting guests and while regular hotels, Inns and B&B hotels offer the best accommodation, accommodation with breathtaking views is stealing the biggest share. So if you’re planning your Bali vacation, it’s time to discover and experience this type of Bali accommodation and enjoy the best value for your money.



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