Affordable Vacations in the Philippines

Posted by Megan on February 15, 2014
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The Philippines is located in the southeast region of the Asian continent, the Philippines is a collection of several islands and on the western part is the Pacific Ocean. Tropical rainforests, mountains, ranges, and beaches are some of the attractions in the Philippines. When you want to visit the Philippines, there are many affordable travel tours to use. This has made it one of the famous tourist destinations in the Asian continent.

bohol1Bohol is one of the popular vacation locations with its famous beaches, old churches and a vibrant rich nightlife. For people who want to experience the best of Philippines, spending time at the beach then going out at night in manila and Bohol for the best music and dances. There are many places to visit in the Philippines this mostly depends on the taste and preference of the tourist. If you love beaches then Bora cay beach club is the place to be, it is located along the white beach of the Bora cay island. It is an amazing island with cool breeze offering the best relaxation and unwinding environment. For surfing lovers, the ocean tides provide the best place to surf on earth. It is a half an hour plane ride from manila the Philippine capital, with some of the best amenities such as outdoor cabanas, outdoor swimming pool, full service dining, and Internet access among others. It has affordable package tours for drinks, food and other services for the tourists.

With a vast mix of the local celebrities and foreigners, the nightlife is the most thrilling event to go to. For those who prefer quite, natural and gorgeous environment then Siquijor Island is a perfect location for you. It has lovely beaches, diving spots and is unique with low commercial activities. Subic in Pampanga is a good location to visit if you love nature m zoos, marine life among others, the crocodile park, horse riding, Eden Nature Park. For cheaper and affordable tours, Cebu is the place to be, with cheaper and less commercial activities. The music is diverse ranging from reggae, hip-hop, heavy metal, and there are festivals that you can enjoy the culture of the Philippine people. Travelling to Philippines can be rewarding, wit over seen thousand islands the country offers a wide range of adventures to. The people are friendly, charming and willing to help you get around, the beaches are unspool and the locals speak English and their local dialect.

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