Best Filipino Local Cuisines

Posted by Megan on June 09, 2014
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The Filipino are widely known for their affinity to food and cooking. This could be because of their strategic position that brings plenty of seafood at their disposal or maybe just inborn. This driven passion has led to development of exquisite recipes like never before. Next time you travel to Philippines, don’t fail to sample some of the best Filipino local cuisines below;


The famous adobo is the commonest but quintessential dish by the Filipino. This viand dish could either be chicken, pork or both and is cooked in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar and other spices. Normally served with white steamed rice, this delicious dish could either be dried or stewed. This used to be a very efficient way to preserve meat without refrigeration. Ginger could be used in this dish to add more flavor. In the Philippines, you would find amazing adobo at Abe in the Serendra plaza in the global city of Fort Bonafacio.


Lechon is like turkey for the Americans except it is composed of pig meat. This dish is normally served during parties and get togethers. It involves splitting pork into pieces and roasting them over coals. Once the skin turns crispy golden it is commonly served with liver sauce. To achieve extra tasty lechons, they are normally stuffed with lemongrass, spring onions and pepper and can be taken as they are without accompaniments. The best lechon is found in manila at Elar’s lechon.

Chicken Inasal

This gives you a unique touch to the grilled chicken. Before the grilling process, every part of the chicken from the breast, gizzard, wings and heart are marinated in a number of spices like the lemongrass, pepper, garlic and annatto seeds oil. The end result is famously served with garlic rice. Next time you are visiting the Philippines, you might want to visit the reclamation area of the manukan country for the amazing dish.


Mostly comprised of pork meat, for instance, small and large intestines and pig blood, the dinuguan is given a special touch by adding vinegar and green pepper. In some cases, brown sugar is added to the ingredients of preparation. The only trick to enjoying this dish is to find a well-cooked one. Most cooks are never careful enough to fully cook their dinuguans which may give you a wrong impression altogether.

Final word

No that you know, they are not just about sea life, don’t let your travel to Philippines go in vain without visiting the joints that serve the best Filipino local cuisines. Who knows, you may pick a trick or two.

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