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Posted by Megan on February 06, 2015
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In Siargao, there exists a haven for water enthusiasts known to only a few, Siargao does not disappoint nature lovers and water sportsmen, it has becomes a famous destination for both serotonin and adrenalin. This tear drop shaped island is about 800 kilometers southeast of the Manila is the best tourist attraction in the whole of Mindanao, its’ a Philippine must travel destination for any nature lover or water sportsmen. It’s also known as the surfing capital although exciting activities to do in Siargao aside from surfing, to enjoy these activities you have to travel to Siargao, some of these activities include;

siargaoAdventure tours; you want action- you got it at the Siargao island, you can go to the secluded island or beach and overnight in a primitive island cottage or in a tent, simply rent a paddle boat, kayak or use pump boat and have the adventure of your life. In order to make you adventures more luxurious hotels provide coolers with drinks and delicious food, you can also have a bottle of YoHoHo rum that keeps you smiling all through the night. You can also visit one of the village and have a chat with the locals.

Diving and Snorkeling- while your friends enjoy the upper waters, a whole new world of wonder exists down below just for you, reefs are abundant with elegant colors and life. Fish come in schools and other marine life creatures such as the starfish and the sea snakes add to the excitement. In Pansukian area, near night time can be an amazing snorkeling trip especially for coral reefs, in recent times a huge underwater cave was discovered under the rocky islands in front of Tuasoon, the underwater visibility for photography is awesome.

Sailing or kayaking is an exciting activity for any visitor in the Siargao islands, the Siargao is one of the most peaceful and safest sailing spots in the country, you can rent a paddled boat or a kayak see if you can relax with a few beers as you row the boat and explore the coast line in and around the General Luna and the Union across to the Dako island. Remember not to litter as you don’t really waste all the exquisite at your disposal.

Surfing-the most exciting activity in the Siargao, its addictive-waves- waves everywhere every day. For beginners it’s advised to help from the great team of surfers at the hotel you are residing, you can learn this fabulous sports which at the end of the day may leave you begging for more. Welcome to the surfing mecca in the Siargao.

Caving- if you are a caving lover, Siargao Island is the perfect place for you, there is a huge cave at the Consuelo with rock crystal, piles of bat guano, huge python, stalagmites and stalactites., you just need to fit to get there. There’s another cave at Malinao on your way to the Union. You can also discover other caves that no man has set foot as yet.

Siargao offer a wide option of exciting activities , not just concentrate on water sports related activities, there are plenty avenues for relaxed night life, shopping, wildlife watching and mountain biking. Travel to Siargao this Easter holiday and enjoy some of the stated above exciting activities in the island.

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