Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Gili Islands

Posted by Megan on April 05, 2016
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Indonesia is one of the countries known to have the most gorgeous island beaches all over the world. To be exact, Bali and Gili Islands are targeted by many tourists because of its pearly white sand and sparkling blue waters.  In these islands, there are numerous fun activities that can be chosen from. Some of these are snorkeling, scuba diving, shark diving, boat tours, yoga, pilates, turtle hatchery tour, and several extreme and adrenaline tours.

Depositphotos_39916429_s-2015The many activities may tire you at the end of every day, so it is important that you choose a great accommodation in the island so you can rest well and prepare for the next day. To find the perfect one for your needs, consider the tips below:

Look for amenities

Gili Islands Bali accommodation is the best one for you if it has the right amenities that you need. Though most of the accommodations in the island has several amenities, others may not have the ones that you are looking for. So, list first the amenities you need and look for accommodations that offer them. Some of the amenities that are available and you may need are fitness center and spa.

Look for cozy rooms

After a long day, what you want is to have a nice room to rest or sleep in. So, make sure that the accommodation or hotel you are choosing is offering cozy rooms. There are hotels that have balconies where you can spend some quiet moment while sipping tea or wine and enjoying the sea breeze. That’s something the Gili Islands can provide.

Cozy rooms doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out large sums of money. You may also consider accommodation in Gili Trawangan and accommodation in Lombok to enjoy quiet moments and being intimate with the sea.

Look for the perfect view

Though the island is already a picturesque view in itself, there are hotels that offer even better view of the sea and other islands. Though you can’t choose to stay in all of them just to have an idea of which one offers the best view, one thing you can do is to search them on the web. Usually, hotel websites post images of their rooms, the hotel itself, and the view around it. In this way, you’ll have a peak into what every hotel has to offer in terms of the beauty that surrounds it.

With these tips, you’ll surely end up with the best hotel accommodation in Gili Islands. This will result to an unforgettable experience in one of Bali’s most stunning islands.


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