A Cost-effective Marketing Approach

Fax marketing Australia is a traditional marketing technique that holds its own share of audience in the business world. Today’s advertising approaches are totally competitive considering the fact that internet and e-mail are the top most forms of business communication. Fax machines may be considered vintage at this time but still, they do exist in a number of offices and business establishments. Although, characterized as ‘old school’ or ‘low-tech’, fax machines provide a number of benefits in the arena of marketing.fax2


Fax advertising is considerably one of the cheapest forms of marketing where you only have to spend for a few cents for an advertisement. When you send a single fax to a number of recipients, the costing is free for local telephone calls. In here, hundreds to thousands of individuals will get the message about the product or service. Although, there is no assurance that all these recipients will buy the product, at least some of them are considered as target prospects. As a result, you gain profit from a zero capital. In the case of long distance calls, you will be spending a few cents for each fax message.


Fax machines make it easy to send one copy to several individuals. Hard copies such as pamphlets, printed materials, brochures and ads will be received by the prospect client. New technology is undeniably convenient and the principle of fax marketing can be applied to email marketing however, most people feel more comfortable holding a tactile instrument or hard copy. If a trusted client has been using this mode of communication for years, then there is no reason to turn into a more high-tech method. Besides, fax technology is now getting more innovations in terms of resolution and functionality.


Sending a fax message to a single individual makes marketing personalized. A hand-written note as prepared by the sender and sent to a particular recipient makes the communication more personalized. Also, if this note is sent to a number of people, each single recipient will think that he or she is different among the rest. Human touch is an advantage as compared to a robotic email system.

Fax broadcasting should not be underestimated because recipients who are used to old-fashioned marketing methods find this approach simple yet effective. Should the recipient be interested to buying the product or service being broadcasted, then fax broadcasting is still considered profitable marketing technique. There are certain laws implemented on the use of fax marketing therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with a reputable fax marketing service provider so that such laws are taken into consideration while carrying various fax marketing methods.

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