Entice Potential Clients

A lot of experts on Internet marketing have repeatedly advised online businesses not to buy an email address list since doing this has more cons than pros. It is true that increasing your email marketing list on your own is a very difficult task but once you succeed in doing this, the end results will be more rewarding.

Keep the Fill-Up Form Simple
clientYou would notice that most fill-up forms on landing pages that ask for numerous bits regarding one’s personal information are perceived as prying by potential clients or just too long. Don’t let them spend over 10 seconds filling up this form. The truth is that the name and the email address will be enough.
Come to think of it, a lot of websites do not have this ‘page’ or even the option to sign up. Check your site now if you do have one. If not, ask your web developer to work on it immediately.

Connected to Facebook and Other Social Media Pages
We all know now how important social media is when it comes to lead generation and Internet marketing. Take note that over 1 billion people all over the world have accounts under Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Configure your accounts so that they can join your mailing list immediately through these social sites.
You should also consider allowing them to sign in and connect with their social media accounts. Compare hiring a list broker and using Facebook – the latter is more convenient, effective and so much cheaper.

Let them Share with Friends
If an individual signed up for your mailing list, there is a great chance that his or her friends and family will also join in. Once they are done signing up, and you made sure that there’s some sort of a ‘thank you note’ that will appear, provide a clickable button which will allow them to share this with or forward it to friends.

Offer a Great Deal for Sign-ups
You should know that everybody loves a good discount or freebie every now and then. Let your prospective clients feel that they are special and that you are offering something immensely nice when they do sign up with you. This will help in strengthening the rapport that you have built with them and will make them want to invite their friends and family as well.
There are so many other ways by which you can increase your email address lists without having to buy email address. You might have to spend a lot of time on it but it won’t hurt you to try these out.

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