Great Deals, Steals, and Cute Things From Photo Booth Hire in Australia

Want to make your party and wedding something to remember for the longest time? Here are amazing deals, steals and cute things from party and wedding photobooth hire in Australia like photo booth in Southern Highlands. Spending on them is surely worth it.wed_booth2

Open photo booth and closed photo booth

If you want a little more feeling open on your reception, open photo booth from photo booth hire including photobooth in Southern Highlands gives the feeling. Guests at any reception will feel more open to funky poses and allows large groups to enjoy the picture taking moments and for chances of photo bombs.  On the other hand, closed photo booth is for weddings whose guests feel a bit traditional and conservative on their poses and for matters of space. It’s nice the option is just there – open or closed photo booth.

Photo tower station

Tight on the budget and space? Photo tower station from photobooth hire in Southern Highlands give couples-to-be and event organizers real steal. Just look at the inclusions on this deal; Instagram filters, unlimited duplicate printing, copy of image post events and set up and delivery on site. The best steal however is the high resolution on images so that couples can decide on the spot for instant wedding souvenirs.

Photo booth with video booth

Photobooth in Illawara has this cute thing as inclusions – video booth. The machine comes with apps that allow snapshots with the built-in or computer connected camera and with added effects, pictures and clips can be customized. Guests can look fantastic or freaky or whatever they feel like to be using available effects like woods, outer space, underwater scenes, etc.

Hashtag printer

Amazing photobooth deal is the hashtag printer. This cute thing from your photobooth hire allows event and wedding organizers to create crowd source on their events or weddings. To give this steal, photobooth station monitors guests’ Instagram and twitter accounts, and match photos with the event’s hashtags. This also allows real time monitoring for attendees to ensure on-the-spot success and that’s a big plus on the money value side of photo booth renting.

Kids’ photo booth

Kids photo booth as tall as 120 cm allows kids to access photo booth snapping and it will surely give kids fun time and get into funky poses at the booth. It comes with a props box loaded with pirate’s hats, animal and comic books costumes, and a guest book. This kid’s photo booth is a real steal for any kid’s party.

Add fun and funkiness on your party whether it’s a birthday, family celebration or wedding with these great deals, steals and cute things from photo booth hire.

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