Guide to Kangaroo Island Visit

kangarooKangaroo Island is South Australia’s pinnacle of nature’s variety. Historic lighthouses, rare honeybees, underground caves, conservation land, pristine beaches, waddling penguins and gourmet food are what you can enjoy in this amazing island. If you are planning for an exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island, here are important things you should know:

When is the best time to visit the island?

Kangaroo Island is open all year round; however, the best time to visit the place is when the weather is warm. This will allow you to enjoy wildlife adventure, fabulous beaches and anything else in the great outdoors.

Is there mobile phone signal in the Island?

While in Kangaroo Island, you can use your mobile phone at some points. Remote areas are quite weak in signal while other spots are good. Next G powers the signal in the Island. Hence, you can take your mobile phone with you and just keep it turned on.

Are there hotels in the Island?

Lodging is not a problem because there are luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island to budget class hotels. You can do your research before you enter the island or simply ask from the locals as soon as you reach the place.

Are cars allowed in the island?

You can bring your car to the island however, there are some restricted areas where you are not allowed to pass through.  Perhaps, you will be required to park your car somewhere close to the entry point. The island provides ferries and car hire that are intended for touring. You can opt for these transport services so that you can enjoy all of the attractions. Take note that petrol price is higher in the island by 1.5 times. It would be wise to fill up full in the mainland and bring some extra gallons so that you don’t need to worry about gasoline during the entire trip especially when you are on a packaged getaway Kangaroo Island.

What are prohibited in the Island?

Rabbits and honey products are strictly prohibited in the island. Make sure you don’t bring any of these. Also, littering is highly prohibited. While in the island, practice cleanliness at all times. Since this is a nature preserve, use garbage cans for your disposal.

Spend some time in Kangaroo Island and explore the breathtaking coastline and wonderful natural resources. The island is huge that a day or two is not enough to enjoy all the attractions. Plan to stay longer and avail of a good Kangaroo Island accommodation for a couple of days.

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