Maintenance Guidelines: Help Prolong your Automobile

Car maintenance is the key in making sure that your car runs smoothly. To help keep it in top notch shape so you would not experience any trouble along the way, you have to follow certain guidelines – from all about the break in period to air suspension and beyond. Take note of this useful guideline to keep your car running is tip-top shape.

carmaintenanceTip #1: Break-in, break-in. Car care starts as early as you pull out your baby from the dealer. You have to patiently break it in. Breaking-in has a lot to do with the condition of your automobile and on how long it will last. For the first 1,000 miles, run within the recommended speed and avoid heavy loads. If you allow your car to sit idle for a long period, especially if it is new, oil will not reach every part of the engine, as it should.

Tip #2: Careful driving. In the end, it is not about offensive or defensive driving. It is about keeping it safe for you and for your fellow drivers all the way. Although over-speeding can up your adrenaline considerably, it will not be good for your car and for your driver’s license. Don’t stop minding about speed limits and the like after you have successfully got through the break-in period.

Tip #3: Learn to heat up your car properly. Rushing to startup an engine, especially when the weather is cold is a sure destroyer. It will wear out your engine before you car even starts to look old. Accelerate smoothly.

Tip #4: If your car has a four-wheel drive suspension, chances are, you are driving a luxury car. Just like any other car, luxury cars must be handled with care. Even with unique features that will help you glide through bumps, you should care about its maintenance. Otherwise, suffer the high price to pay for repair.

Tip #5: Experience the best ride quality at all times. If this means you need to include racing shock absorbers and other performance additives that will help improve your ride, you will have to go for it. This may give you some extra costs but if you will equate that amount on the feel of your ride and on how long it will last with several features on, the cost is worth enough to spend on.

You must be mindful about car care from the time you pull it out from your dealer’s lot to the time you are breaking-in the engine through its idle and performing times.

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