Immerse yourself into the blue waters and travel the roads in Philippines

Posted by Megan on August 14, 2015
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Travelling has always fascinated mankind and if you are wanderlust then you would probably like to check out more uncharted territories around the world than just a popular tourist spot. So if you are one of them, why don’t you try visit an archipelago? Well, yes that sounds quite interesting! Tucked away far in the south east the 7,000 island country of Philippines offers a great destination for those who are looking for something different. Travel to Philippines will be a memorable one once you have started your journey. With so many virgin beaches and classic road trips, this island country has more to offer than you can think of.

About the country

Located partly on the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea, the country of Philippines consists of seven thousand islands. Being a part of the world’s largest coastlines, this country can boast of uncharted natural beauty and some amazing sea life. This island county is the largest Catholic country in Asia where the main language spoken is Spanish since the time of Spanish colonisation. The perfect blend of culture, art, foreign influences and ethnic groups has enhanced the beauty and uniqueness of Philippines. The major islands are vastly populated while there are many small islands that will give you the essence of tranquillity and peace.

Places to visit

So if you are thinking of visiting this idyllic country with beaches and tropical paradise then here are some of the most important places that you must not miss when you are visiting.

Bacuit Bay_Palawan

Bacuit Bay, Palawan – This the jungle beach in the town of Palawan that has remained unchanged since the Spaniards left. There are many islets and you can take a boat ride to visit these tiny islets.

White Beach, Boracay Island – The white sand of the White Beach of Boracay offers you endless number of happy hours. You can do water sports, and get hotels at very cheap rates too.

Camiguin Island, Philippines – Just off the island of Mindanao this volcanic island have seven volcanoes. However, this island is not been considered for tourism because of political upheavals. If you are wanderlust then you can enjoy the lagoons, waterfalls and hot springs in this island.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island – The main attraction of the Bohol Island is its chocolate hills. More than 1,500 mounds for the coral deposit turned the place into chocolate hills that turns brown or green according to seasonal change.

Apo Reef, Mindoro – If you are an adventure sports lover and love sea adventures then you must not miss scuba diving. The Apo Reef at Mindoro offers you the best diving spot. This reef gives you an insight in the lives of sea giants like sharks, rays and turtles.

UNESCO world heritage site – North Luzon is the biggest island of Philippines. This island has pine trees and misty mountains that boast of rice terraces that are 2000 years old. Included in the UNESCO world heritage site, this island should not be missed at all.

The road trips

Philippines have some exciting and classic road trips. So when you are on this island make sure that you do most of the travels with these unforgettable road trips. You can take part in the various organised road trips that will help you experience new experiences with new people. A Travel to Philippines would be just fun, exciting and memorable for sure.

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Immerse yourself into the blue waters and travel the roads in Philippines, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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