Indonesia: Gorgeous Luxury Bali Villas Around Seminyak Beach for Luxury Living

Posted by admin on February 01, 2014

As one of thousands of islands in Indonesia, the small Bali island never loses its charm for both domestic and foreign tourists. Bali remains as the main place to go for family trips, corporate holidays and even honeymoon romantic moments. With so many lovely beaches, rice terraces, volcanic lakes and definitely religious temples and ceremonies, Bali will maintain its reputation as a world-class tourist destination. Yet, more and more expatriates, even prefer to have real estate investment in some regions in Bali. Luxury Bali villas around Seminyak beaches turn out to the main destinations for everyone who want to spend holidays or dwell temporarily.

luxury-bali-villaMost foreigners find out that Seminyak has a more convenient atmosphere than Kuta. It is not because Kuta has lost its charm. Kuta and Tanah Lot still maintain their beauty, though they are too crowded, these days. Most tourists prefer to go north direction from Kuta and enjoy the lavish beauty of Seminyak, while finding which are located nearby. Many tourists find a true paradise here where there are everlasting sandy beaches in this area.

Most of luxury villas in Seminyak offer a high level of sophistication as they serve expatriates and tourists. Expatriates—usually from Australia—spend some months to run their business on their luxury villas and spend other months on their countries. Most villas boast panoramic beach views, though they are located at higher latitude. Though there are so many villas around beaches in Seminyak, they are still not too crowded as other beaches in Bali like Nusa Dua or Kuta. Seminyak can maintain its exclusiveness and it is the main reason why many foreigners decide to make their real estate investment in the area. Living in Seminyak is more than just a luxury experience. It is a dream comes true, where everyone can enjoy an endless morning breeze whisper and all-year round tropical sun. Romantic night under a starry sky is what every couple adores.

Luxury Bali villas around Seminyak beaches are mostly designed in such elegant ways so every dweller can enjoy boutique villas with elegant amenities. Those villas focus on pampering expatriates high-class lifestyles. Seminyak boasts wonderful accommodation from hotels, villas and apartments, lavish dining choices, elegant spas, boutique malls and shopping districts and definitely, lovely beaches. They are all perfect for holidays and temporary living that offer excellent rejuvenation. Most of these villas own private pools, five-to six rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, lavishly designed bathrooms and perfect beach panoramas through ample windows on every bedroom. With all those benefits, everything is worth spending.

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