It’s really more fun in the Philippines!

Posted by admin on July 03, 2013

Philippines is known to be the pearl of the orient seas because of its natural wonders like beaches, underground rivers, rice terraces, plateaus, mountain ranges, and the large number of different animal species. The Philippines is both rich in fauna and flora that distinguishes the country. It is known to be very hospitable to different guests and always has a heart-warming welcome to its visitors.

morefunThere are famous tourist destinations in the Philippines that are often visited by both foreign people and locals alike. Although Filipinos often prefer visiting the whole place every once in a while but not most of the time; these various places in the Philippines are indeed very good as a hang out place.

Filipino families have very close ties and this result to bonding every time. Wherever they may be, they always find time to take a break and relax from a hard day’s work and hang out with family or friends. Malls are the usual places Filipinos love going to since Philippines is a tropical country, they tend to go to malls to have a bit of cool breeze while window shopping or eating at a favorite place. Because of this, there are now so many establishments in the Philippines that offer the same privileges of a mall, but only better, like it has a park and wider variety of choices to visit.

Metro Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, having the most number of establishments like hotels, bar and restaurants, parks, historical places, etc. These places are often visited by local Filipinos as a way to relax usually during weekends. One of these places in Manila is in Taguig City. The Bonifacio Global City or commonly known as Fort Bonifacio or simply The Fort.  This place is filled with malls, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping centers, hotels and more. This is the perfect place to shop, eat, walk, and have fun till you drop.

One of the most visited parts of Bonifacio Global City is the Bonifacio High street, a very long street that is across the city. It is the very first street in the Philippines with a retail concept, offering a unique dining and shopping experience with quality retail shops set in a refreshing environment. Beside these shops, there is also an Artwalk across the whole street. These are the Specific Gravity, Hearsay, Bearable Lightness, Tinstaej #85 and Presence. In Bonifacio High Street, there is also the Mind Museum, the very first world-class science museum in the Philippines.

Needless to say, the Fort, Bonifacio High Street has a lot to offer for every group of people who wishes to hang out for unwinding and relaxation.

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