Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Gili Islands

Posted by Megan on April 05, 2016
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Indonesia is one of the countries known to have the most gorgeous island beaches all over the world. To be exact, Bali and Gili Islands are targeted by many tourists because of its pearly white sand and sparkling blue waters.  In these islands, there are numerous fun activities that can be chosen from. Some of these are snorkeling, scuba diving, shark diving, boat tours, yoga, pilates, turtle hatchery tour, and several extreme and adrenaline tours.

Depositphotos_39916429_s-2015The many activities may tire you at the end of every day, so it is important that you choose a great accommodation in the island so you can rest well and prepare for the next day. To find the perfect one for your needs, consider the tips below:

Look for amenities

Gili Islands Bali accommodation is the best one for you if it has the right amenities that you need. Though most of the accommodations in the island has several amenities, others may not have the ones that you are looking for. So, list first the amenities you need and look for accommodations that offer them. Some of the amenities that are available and you may need are fitness center and spa.

Look for cozy rooms

After a long day, what you want is to have a nice room to rest or sleep in. So, make sure that the accommodation or hotel you are choosing is offering cozy rooms. There are hotels that have balconies where you can spend some quiet moment while sipping tea or wine and enjoying the sea breeze. That’s something the Gili Islands can provide.

Cozy rooms doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out large sums of money. You may also consider accommodation in Gili Trawangan and accommodation in Lombok to enjoy quiet moments and being intimate with the sea.

Look for the perfect view

Though the island is already a picturesque view in itself, there are hotels that offer even better view of the sea and other islands. Though you can’t choose to stay in all of them just to have an idea of which one offers the best view, one thing you can do is to search them on the web. Usually, hotel websites post images of their rooms, the hotel itself, and the view around it. In this way, you’ll have a peak into what every hotel has to offer in terms of the beauty that surrounds it.

With these tips, you’ll surely end up with the best hotel accommodation in Gili Islands. This will result to an unforgettable experience in one of Bali’s most stunning islands.


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How to Get the Best Car Service for Your Hamilton Travel

Posted by Megan on September 05, 2015
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Going to New Zealand for a little fun and adventure is a good idea especially for people that are looking for family-friendly places to visit. There are lots of beautiful places to visit in NZ and all you have to do is to avail of a car rental in New Zealand service. By doing so, you will give yourself and your family a chance to go to places of interest with ease. You can schedule your tour to different tourist destinations knowing that you have a mode of transportation that can take you anywhere you want to go. It also helps you to make your trip more organized and hassle free.

nz_car_hire1If your itinerary includes a visit to Hamilton, which happens to be the most populous city of the Waikato Region in the Northern Island of New Zealand, you can take a car hire Hamilton and make your reservations. By doing so, you are assured of being able to travel from the central part of the country to this place where you will be greeted with beaches that are beautiful to the eyes. You’ll be amazed by the kind of service that is rendered by car rental New Zealand along with its different variants, depending on the place in the country you want to be your destination.

If you want to visit various commercial spaces in the capital of the country, you should prepare for it; otherwise you’ll end up being lost in the second most populous urban area in New Zealand, none other than Wellington. You can start your preparations by making a car hire in Wellington inquiry. You can ask about the availability of a transport service that will help you and your family roam around the city. Keep in your mind that the place can be very big for tourists like you so you will be better off by availing various car rental New Zealand services offered for visitors like you.

When traveling to New Zealand with family, especially when you are bringing the kids with you, more so that you need transportation services. The need becomes more of a reality if you have included places like Hamilton in the list of locations you want to see during your travel. You don’t have much time to spend to visit places like this so you really need something that can help you speed up your travel, and a car rental service is what you need for that.

Make your travel to New Zealand without hassle for long drives and enjoy every view that you will pass-by with a car hire, go for

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Immerse yourself into the blue waters and travel the roads in Philippines

Posted by Megan on August 14, 2015
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Travelling has always fascinated mankind and if you are wanderlust then you would probably like to check out more uncharted territories around the world than just a popular tourist spot. So if you are one of them, why don’t you try visit an archipelago? Well, yes that sounds quite interesting! Tucked away far in the south east the 7,000 island country of Philippines offers a great destination for those who are looking for something different. Travel to Philippines will be a memorable one once you have started your journey. With so many virgin beaches and classic road trips, this island country has more to offer than you can think of.

About the country

Located partly on the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea, the country of Philippines consists of seven thousand islands. Being a part of the world’s largest coastlines, this country can boast of uncharted natural beauty and some amazing sea life. This island county is the largest Catholic country in Asia where the main language spoken is Spanish since the time of Spanish colonisation. The perfect blend of culture, art, foreign influences and ethnic groups has enhanced the beauty and uniqueness of Philippines. The major islands are vastly populated while there are many small islands that will give you the essence of tranquillity and peace.

Places to visit

So if you are thinking of visiting this idyllic country with beaches and tropical paradise then here are some of the most important places that you must not miss when you are visiting.

Bacuit Bay_Palawan

Bacuit Bay, Palawan – This the jungle beach in the town of Palawan that has remained unchanged since the Spaniards left. There are many islets and you can take a boat ride to visit these tiny islets.

White Beach, Boracay Island – The white sand of the White Beach of Boracay offers you endless number of happy hours. You can do water sports, and get hotels at very cheap rates too.

Camiguin Island, Philippines – Just off the island of Mindanao this volcanic island have seven volcanoes. However, this island is not been considered for tourism because of political upheavals. If you are wanderlust then you can enjoy the lagoons, waterfalls and hot springs in this island.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island – The main attraction of the Bohol Island is its chocolate hills. More than 1,500 mounds for the coral deposit turned the place into chocolate hills that turns brown or green according to seasonal change.

Apo Reef, Mindoro – If you are an adventure sports lover and love sea adventures then you must not miss scuba diving. The Apo Reef at Mindoro offers you the best diving spot. This reef gives you an insight in the lives of sea giants like sharks, rays and turtles.

UNESCO world heritage site – North Luzon is the biggest island of Philippines. This island has pine trees and misty mountains that boast of rice terraces that are 2000 years old. Included in the UNESCO world heritage site, this island should not be missed at all.

The road trips

Philippines have some exciting and classic road trips. So when you are on this island make sure that you do most of the travels with these unforgettable road trips. You can take part in the various organised road trips that will help you experience new experiences with new people. A Travel to Philippines would be just fun, exciting and memorable for sure.

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Discovering More of the Philippines

Posted by Megan on May 06, 2015
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If you think the Philippines is all about humidity and air-conditioned malls filled with people, then you have a lot to learn. When you travel to the Philippines, get ready to face your fears and load up on your sunscreen. This island nation has been capitalizing on adventure destinations and really awesome beaches that allow you to face your fear and relax just a few hours after in a glorious beach. Summer in the Philippines usually starts at the end of March and up to the start of June. The storms usually come around June up to October or even up to December. Aside from that, the country and its very friendly and hospitable people bask in tropical sunlight.

Adventure Sports and Destinations

In almost all of the major islands of the country, you will find a variety of activities which are aimed at satisfying those who want to get their adrenaline pumping or overcome their fears. One of the more common is the zip line. All over the archipelago, there are lines and cables in a variety of lengths that transport one person (some have dual capacity)from one point to another. Safety standards are high and maintenance is performed regularly to ensure there are no risks. The more popular zip lines include, but are not limited to, Dahilayan Zip Zone (Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon), Zip Southern Leyte (Sogod, Leyte) and Lignon Hill Adventure Park (Legazpi City, Albay).

chico_riverWhitewater rafting is another activity that is not for the faint of heart which can be found in the Philippines. All of the three major islands in the country also have fast flowing rivers that make them ideal for whitewater rafting. The duration of the adventure depends on one’s preferences but there are some rivers which feature more thrilling rapids than others. Chico River in Kalinga Province is one of the highlights of rafters because of the challenging rapids. The Tibiao River in Antique is a white water destination that is accessible for both beginners and intermediate rafters. Tourists will enjoy the scenery as they paddle along the river waiting for the next batch of rapids. In Mindanao, you can start your rafting adventure in Cagayan de Oro where you will be brought to nearby Kabula, Bukidnon. Although in the same province as the popular Dahilayan Zip Zone, Kabula is a few hours away from the zip line destination but just under an hour from Cagayan de Oro.

Reviews about the Chico River:

The entire country is made up of 7,100 plus islands and most of these offer white sand beaches and top diving spots. Visayas has a host of islands where one can find adventure even when you are not actively seeking it. In Mindanao, most of the adventure destination is just a couple of hours away from the beaches. Bukidnon, where the zip line and the white water rafting activities are, is just a couple of hours away from the local beach. If you want an island adventure after experiencing the zip line and the rafting, you can visit Camiguin Island and experience world class diving and snorkeling.

Although summer in the Philippines is the ideal time to visit, you will find that some adventures can be had even when it is not during the dry season. Whitewater rafting is better during the rainy season due to more water pouring from the mountains into the rivers. Remember, when you travel to the Philippines, always be on the lookout for your next adventure.

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DIY Property Renovation vs. Expert Engineering Construction

Posted by admin on April 20, 2015
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Home renovation is one of the most stressful and expensive tasks you will ever take on. But, this is a must-do if you want your house to be in tip-top shape and if you are thinking of selling it. So, if you will soon undergo this, should you do it DIY style or ask the experts with their cherry pickers for hire and high-tech equipment?

The Do it yourself craze

Renovation FunMore and more people are doing home renovations on their own these days. Generally speaking, this is a great way to save money since you need not pay anyone else to do things for you. And, with numerous tutorials that you could find online, it’s really easy to accomplish these projects even without specialized tools and equipment like the travel tower.

However, if you are going to do a major renovation at home, going DIY is not cost-effective at all. And if you’re on a tight schedule, doing this on your own is not a very smart move.

Calling in the pros

Because property renovation is a trend these days, it would not be difficult for you to find builders to hire. Not only do they have the advanced skills that will facilitate your construction needs, they will also have the best equipment (scissor lift hire Sydney, if you really need it) and know the best subcontractors to help them along the way.

Expert tips about property renovation

When you do decide to go for the second (and smarter, we have to include) option, the first thing that you need to do is find a trustworthy contractor who can work around your budget.

While bidding is a great idea, ask for referrals from your family and friends. Once you have a shortlist, interview them and their subcontractors – especially those who offer equipment like cherry pickers for hire. Builders who pay their crew on time are those you can rely on.

It’s also a smart move to hire locally. Aside from the fact that it’s easier to find the head contractor when you need him or her, they also know the area well and have better contacts when it comes to materials and equipment.

Next, hire a lawyer who will look into the contract you’re about to have with your builder. While this is an additional cost, it will save you thousands just in case something goes wrong with the renovation.

These are only some of the tips that will be helpful to you and your planned renovation, whether you need cherry pickers for hire or not.

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Experience Siargao Wonders

Posted by Megan on February 06, 2015
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In Siargao, there exists a haven for water enthusiasts known to only a few, Siargao does not disappoint nature lovers and water sportsmen, it has becomes a famous destination for both serotonin and adrenalin. This tear drop shaped island is about 800 kilometers southeast of the Manila is the best tourist attraction in the whole of Mindanao, its’ a Philippine must travel destination for any nature lover or water sportsmen. It’s also known as the surfing capital although exciting activities to do in Siargao aside from surfing, to enjoy these activities you have to travel to Siargao, some of these activities include;

siargaoAdventure tours; you want action- you got it at the Siargao island, you can go to the secluded island or beach and overnight in a primitive island cottage or in a tent, simply rent a paddle boat, kayak or use pump boat and have the adventure of your life. In order to make you adventures more luxurious hotels provide coolers with drinks and delicious food, you can also have a bottle of YoHoHo rum that keeps you smiling all through the night. You can also visit one of the village and have a chat with the locals.

Diving and Snorkeling- while your friends enjoy the upper waters, a whole new world of wonder exists down below just for you, reefs are abundant with elegant colors and life. Fish come in schools and other marine life creatures such as the starfish and the sea snakes add to the excitement. In Pansukian area, near night time can be an amazing snorkeling trip especially for coral reefs, in recent times a huge underwater cave was discovered under the rocky islands in front of Tuasoon, the underwater visibility for photography is awesome.

Sailing or kayaking is an exciting activity for any visitor in the Siargao islands, the Siargao is one of the most peaceful and safest sailing spots in the country, you can rent a paddled boat or a kayak see if you can relax with a few beers as you row the boat and explore the coast line in and around the General Luna and the Union across to the Dako island. Remember not to litter as you don’t really waste all the exquisite at your disposal.

Surfing-the most exciting activity in the Siargao, its addictive-waves- waves everywhere every day. For beginners it’s advised to help from the great team of surfers at the hotel you are residing, you can learn this fabulous sports which at the end of the day may leave you begging for more. Welcome to the surfing mecca in the Siargao.

Caving- if you are a caving lover, Siargao Island is the perfect place for you, there is a huge cave at the Consuelo with rock crystal, piles of bat guano, huge python, stalagmites and stalactites., you just need to fit to get there. There’s another cave at Malinao on your way to the Union. You can also discover other caves that no man has set foot as yet.

Siargao offer a wide option of exciting activities , not just concentrate on water sports related activities, there are plenty avenues for relaxed night life, shopping, wildlife watching and mountain biking. Travel to Siargao this Easter holiday and enjoy some of the stated above exciting activities in the island.

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Well-Spent Vacation in the Philippines

Posted by Megan on December 27, 2014
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cebu_cityThat new Sculpture Garden Philippines is exclusive. More than accommodation. Thirty minutes from the hustling in addition to buzzing center of Cebu City, The figurine garden Philippines cards you directly into its distinctively designed lawn. Franz Herbich, manager and artisan, opened this private oasis towards the public. Offers bed and breakfast time at reasonably priced room rates and guests are invited to become creative. There is a new attraction in the extreme sports in the Philippines, travel to Philippines . Additionally, they do offer you Bed in addition to Breakfast for his or her guests and also the sculpture lawn bar is usually famous for the self-made berries wines. Your rooms are clean, air conditioned and also spacy. The price can be as lower when compared with two thousand which can be quite low cost for these kinds of accommodation in the Philippines.

There are several reasons which is a particular person should am Accra. One from the reasons could possibly be the construction from the building which are present inside Accra and this can be the reason for many who are pretty interested in the architectural work. The buildings of Accra give you a rich in addition to good american look of which truly appears amazing since the person are able to see these western type structures in an African state. The particular person also actually reaches see a few towns which are dusty in addition to shanty. These are generally the places where bad citizens of Accra live.

Adventure continues to be typically the most popular reason for both every day and overseas leisure travel with one in most four users searching for such an experience.

Types of adventure options provided by these spots including Walking, Kayaking, Skiing along with mountain activities. Interestingly, the movements in every day adventure travel may actually reflect a larger level of experimentation in addition to maturity of today’s traveller, as these people seek a new diversity of adventure activities across various areas of the state.

Besides these architectural functions the tourist should likewise check available National Museum. Spending time in it’s highly worthwhile since it offers tourists a view at the history of Ghanaian plus shows the since this old occasions till today’s situation. If you go to the cultural side in the museum then you will find in this exhibition things such as pottery, work, carvings, thrones in addition to clothing. Some tools and instruments can also be present there which are used in most types of rituals. The Countrywide Museum is often a place that can surely end up being loved by history addicts.

There are nice little towns all on the way and people just like the mountain roads at the same time. Having always a brand new breeze plus a diversity of green is waiting for you. The figurine garden is actually worth to possess a stop by continuing your journey to this north of Cebu. Visit this sculpture garden while you are discovering this north of Cebu Is. The people are friendly in addition to foreigners will likely be treated very well. Taking a little palm vessel is one fashion to take a look at the seacoast line and also the sightseeing sites. Have Sleep and breakfast in the sculpture lawn resort in the extreme sports in the Philippines, travel to Philippines.

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Skin Treatments that Work Best to Make you Look Beautiful

Posted by admin on June 11, 2014
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Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Men and women would invest great amount of money to enhance their look as good looks nowadays with going tough competition is a great passport to getting good jobs and secured future. Others may argue but it’s the reality we all have to live with. So, what are the different Skin Treatments that are popular and where people’s money goes? Here are two of them.

OTC (over the counter skin products)

Skin RejuvenationThese skin treatment products are usually gel, cream, ointment and oil, and it can be bought without prescriptions. Some have claims of instant results while others have strict regimens to follow for better results. However, many OTC skin products do not totally eliminate the skin problem, and they work only to cover-up. OTC creams for Tattoo Removal typically used chromobright, an ingredient that lightens skin tones. Tattoo color typically fades away and results no damage to skin cells however, the scars are not totally eliminated. The rule is to be wary of the quality of the OTC that one uses. It’s wise to avoid those with inferior quality, choose those with superior quality and products using safe ingredients. OTC skin products are mostly cheaper than cosmetic procedures, and when you are able to find the right product and use it accordingly, they can give satisfying results.

Laser skin procedures

Women oftentimes come to a skin clinic to get rid of excess hair, deep scars or all the lines around their eyes. Skin Rejuvenation using laser is a popular procedure to women patients who wish to reduce facial wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin irregularities. Laser resurfacing also known as laser vaporizing uses a laser technology by applying direct short and concentrated pulsating beams of lights. Variations include CO2 laser resurfacing and Erbium Laser resurfacing. The procedure works by removing skin layer by laser and then vaporizing the damaged skin cells. It works best on fine lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth and to shallow acne scars. More so, those with light skin are good candidates and those with dark skin are advised not to subject themselves to this laser procedure. Two weeks is the longest recovery period and side effects may include swelling, redness and bruising. Other than these, laser skin procedures are the safest and the most effective.

When it comes to looking beautiful, people are easily swayed by great promises. Being careful and responsible will greatly help you in finding the right products or procedure to enhance your looks or eliminate certain skin issues. Remember that no one will suffer the consequences but you and therefore it pays to be wiser and a little bit smarter.

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Best Filipino Local Cuisines

Posted by Megan on June 09, 2014
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The Filipino are widely known for their affinity to food and cooking. This could be because of their strategic position that brings plenty of seafood at their disposal or maybe just inborn. This driven passion has led to development of exquisite recipes like never before. Next time you travel to Philippines, don’t fail to sample some of the best Filipino local cuisines below;


The famous adobo is the commonest but quintessential dish by the Filipino. This viand dish could either be chicken, pork or both and is cooked in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar and other spices. Normally served with white steamed rice, this delicious dish could either be dried or stewed. This used to be a very efficient way to preserve meat without refrigeration. Ginger could be used in this dish to add more flavor. In the Philippines, you would find amazing adobo at Abe in the Serendra plaza in the global city of Fort Bonafacio.


Lechon is like turkey for the Americans except it is composed of pig meat. This dish is normally served during parties and get togethers. It involves splitting pork into pieces and roasting them over coals. Once the skin turns crispy golden it is commonly served with liver sauce. To achieve extra tasty lechons, they are normally stuffed with lemongrass, spring onions and pepper and can be taken as they are without accompaniments. The best lechon is found in manila at Elar’s lechon.

Chicken Inasal

This gives you a unique touch to the grilled chicken. Before the grilling process, every part of the chicken from the breast, gizzard, wings and heart are marinated in a number of spices like the lemongrass, pepper, garlic and annatto seeds oil. The end result is famously served with garlic rice. Next time you are visiting the Philippines, you might want to visit the reclamation area of the manukan country for the amazing dish.


Mostly comprised of pork meat, for instance, small and large intestines and pig blood, the dinuguan is given a special touch by adding vinegar and green pepper. In some cases, brown sugar is added to the ingredients of preparation. The only trick to enjoying this dish is to find a well-cooked one. Most cooks are never careful enough to fully cook their dinuguans which may give you a wrong impression altogether.

Final word

No that you know, they are not just about sea life, don’t let your travel to Philippines go in vain without visiting the joints that serve the best Filipino local cuisines. Who knows, you may pick a trick or two.

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Exploring the rich Philippine culture

Posted by Megan on April 29, 2014
Philippines / No Comments

Finding a travel guide about the Philippine Islands is not really hard. So much has been written about the Philippines but clearly not enough. Many are the advisories that have been issued concerning traveling to the Philippines most of them very negative. While there may be some extremely dangerous places to visit in the Philippines, the country is crammed with so many wonderful things to be seen and rich culture.

Some facts about the Philippines

The Philippines is a group of more than seven thousand islands that are located in south east of Asia. These islands are to be found between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea right on the very edge of the continent. The islands were colonized by the Spanish which explains the large number of Catholics in the country. The two official languages are English and Filipino but there are about 8 major languages in the country and close to 78 major language groups here. Spanish and Arabic are also spoken but they are optional languages.

The Philippine culture phil_culture

The Philippines islands play host to more than a hundred ethnic groups. The Filipino identity is however distinct thanks to the fusion of the different cultures of the groups plus foreign influence. The Filipinos are extremely nice people. In fact you might consider them to be impossibly hospitable but this is the nature of Asian culture.

One thing you will note is that Filipinos they may not be too outspoken or argumentative. Unbeknownst to most visitors is a cultural element known as hiya. This basically means a sense of shame- you should have a sense of shame to preserve yourself from looking foolish. It is this principle that will prevent people from asking questions in the fear that he/she may look foolish. It is also because of this principle that most Filipinos do not disagree with people openly lest it causes offence to someone. Lack of hiya is a grim social sin. Filipinos will not point out some awkward subjects so openly for instance topics on sex would be quite hard for a Filipino to broach.

These guys also tend to be very hospitable and this becomes quite evident especially during those social ceremonies and events like Christmas. In fact during Christmas you will be amazed. While in most countries Christmas is not highly anticipated, in the Philippines it starts as early as September. They welcome just about anyone including strangers to dine with them in their homes. So in general the Philippine culture will promote more of social integration and anything meant to disrupt peace and unity will be frowned upon.

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