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Skin Treatments that Work Best to Make you Look Beautiful

Posted by admin on June 11, 2014
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Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Men and women would invest great amount of money to enhance their look as good looks nowadays with going tough competition is a great passport to getting good jobs and secured future. Others may argue but it’s the reality we all have to live with. So, what are the different Skin Treatments that are popular and where people’s money goes? Here are two of them.

OTC (over the counter skin products)

Skin RejuvenationThese skin treatment products are usually gel, cream, ointment and oil, and it can be bought without prescriptions. Some have claims of instant results while others have strict regimens to follow for better results. However, many OTC skin products do not totally eliminate the skin problem, and they work only to cover-up. OTC creams for Tattoo Removal typically used chromobright, an ingredient that lightens skin tones. Tattoo color typically fades away and results no damage to skin cells however, the scars are not totally eliminated. The rule is to be wary of the quality of the OTC that one uses. It’s wise to avoid those with inferior quality, choose those with superior quality and products using safe ingredients. OTC skin products are mostly cheaper than cosmetic procedures, and when you are able to find the right product and use it accordingly, they can give satisfying results.

Laser skin procedures

Women oftentimes come to a skin clinic to get rid of excess hair, deep scars or all the lines around their eyes. Skin Rejuvenation using laser is a popular procedure to women patients who wish to reduce facial wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin irregularities. Laser resurfacing also known as laser vaporizing uses a laser technology by applying direct short and concentrated pulsating beams of lights. Variations include CO2 laser resurfacing and Erbium Laser resurfacing. The procedure works by removing skin layer by laser and then vaporizing the damaged skin cells. It works best on fine lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth and to shallow acne scars. More so, those with light skin are good candidates and those with dark skin are advised not to subject themselves to this laser procedure. Two weeks is the longest recovery period and side effects may include swelling, redness and bruising. Other than these, laser skin procedures are the safest and the most effective.

When it comes to looking beautiful, people are easily swayed by great promises. Being careful and responsible will greatly help you in finding the right products or procedure to enhance your looks or eliminate certain skin issues. Remember that no one will suffer the consequences but you and therefore it pays to be wiser and a little bit smarter.

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